Holiday Gift Ideas for Artists

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Is there that one special person in your life that’s consumed by the arts? Are they involved in graphic design, painting, sculpture or do they simply like to draw? I’ve been involved in the arts in some way or another since early childhood and you don’t know how many times I’ve heard friends and relatives say, “I’d love to get you something that you really want but I don’t have a clue as to what that would be.”
I’ve covered just about every aspect of life as an artist; starting out with simple classroom projects in elementary school, from this early exposure, I developed a serious interest in all forms of the arts and continued this interest into university study. I graduated with a degree in art and moved on to teach in the classroom. While teaching, I started to enter regional competitions and eventually began to show my work in various galleries. This exposure led to my next career as an art director at an imprinted sportswear company, where I created logos and promotional materials for numerous companies. After leaving my position as an art director, I developed an interest in sculpture and ceramics, so I guess you could say I’ve covered a lot of territory when it comes to what most people perceive an artist to be. Therefore, having said all this, I think that I am qualified to suggest what type of gift an artist may want, so I have compiled a list of some of the top items on my “wish list”, I hope it helps.

One of the first things that I would suggest is for kids; it would be a basic drawing set for young artist. There are a myriad of brands on the market and most of them are reasonably priced, a good one will cost around 10 to 15 dollars. You can get these sets just about anywhere, arts and crafts shops, toy stores and large retail chain stores. I can still remember the first drawing set that I received on Christmas morning; it’s one of the things that started my life long love of the arts. The fact that my parents recognized my budding ability and interest in art meant a lot and it is one gift that I will always remember.

For that serious art student, I would suggest getting a nice portfolio. This is something that will be most useful as a student progresses through his studies, after all every student needs a nice portfolio to keep his best work in. Utrecht makes a nice Art-Folio for around $35.00, but prices can run considerably higher depending on the size and quality of the folio. Another consideration for the student would be a quality set of brushes. I know that was always scraping together money to get the best brushes that I could find. The cost of a good set of watercolor brushes starts around $125.00 and can be as much as $500.00 or more, which may seem a little high priced to most people, but believe me this is not unusual and a student, or professional for that matter, would be very grateful to get such a prize.

Another good gift idea for painters would be an easel. There are several types of easels, from portable ones that fold up into a backpack to the huge motorized studio easels. You can get most of the portable easels for around $20.00 or $30.00 dollars, this would be appropriate most students and casual hobbyist. You could also get a nice single mast easel costing around $50.00 for the home or small studio.

A great gift for the graphic designed would be a set of technical pens. Koh-i-Noor makes a slim set that would make a perfect holiday gift. You should be able to find these pens for about $60.00 for the set of seven. I know when I worked as an art director; I was always wearing out pens because of extensive use. If you can’t spend quite so much this holiday season, you could also purchase individual pens.

For the artist that likes to work in three dimensions, I would recommend getting a few blocks of Roma Plastilina modeling clay. The clay comes in 2 lb. blocks and cost about $9.00 per block. This may seem like a strange gift for those of you who are not sculptors but it is definitely something that can be used continually and is always appreciated. For the sculptor who carves instead of models, a tool kit for stone or wood would be nice. These tool kits run about $100.00 for the set.

A good gift idea for that special person who is into ceramics and likes to work with another type of clay would be a potter’s tool kit. These tool kits are readily available at any crafts store and are reasonably priced around $10.00.

To wrap things up, I would like to mention that a gift for an artist doesn’t have to be tools of the trade, you could get them attire, such as a tee shirt with their favourite slogan or a book with reproductions from their favourite artist or art movement; it’s always good to get something that will inspire you.

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